Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Author

Roberta Kells Dorr
~March 2, 1922 - August 21, 2010~

Somehow Roberta always saw the great wonder in what was going on around her. She said it was an attribute she must have gotten from her father, Robert Kells, a man who loved great literature, great possibilities and adamantine accomplishments (his type of word) of God’s creatures everywhere. She painted (sketches, water colors, oils, pastels), she journaled (books and books of thoughts scratched out alongside line drawings), she asked questions of people great and small (wanting to know how or why they thought they way they did), she counseled troubled souls in the direction of God’s great shores of peace and reconciliation, she acted in and wrote plays, and she raised five children in the wilds of the sand dunes of Gaza and the ragged, majestic mountains of Yemen, all the while trusting that God was good and would, in all things, accomplish His intended purpose through her obedience and her family.

She was a lady that enjoyed the finer things in life, yet spent much of her time in the wilderness school of the Father. Those sharp blasting sands, searing waves of heat and trackless wastelands were all tools in the hands of a loving God that honed her talent, skills and her listening heart in such a way that she could write and tell the great stories of history and the Bible like she had lived them - and maybe she did.

This may all sound rather somber in reflection, yet life was anything but that in the house of Dorr. Sometimes we would get to telling and acting out a story such that everyone ended up wheezing, gasping for breath and “seeing” the absolute hilarity of the matter. So much laughter and joy could not have spilled out of the house of Dorr had it not been for Roberta’s worldview of the goodness of God and His hiding a silver dollar in the sands of life.

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