Tuesday, February 12, 2013

David & Bathsheba: The Love Story That Changed History

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One stifling summer evening in Jerusalem, lovely young Bathsheba goes to the roof of her house to bathe.  When a noise startles her, she covers herself quickly with a towel and looks behind her to the pavilion of the royal palace across the narrow alleyway.
All is in darkness.

But, unseen on the palace roof, a man has been watching - King David himself.  Impulsively he dispatches a message that will ultimately spawn adultery, murder, suicide, war, and the division of the kingdom of Israel.

David and Bathsheba is the story of a woman whose beauty overwhelmed a king and brought disgrace to a nation.  It is the story of battles fought on the sun-baked plains of ancient Israel . . . of palace intrigue and village romance . . . of lust and devotion, treachery and responsibility.

From out of the past come figures as contemporary as tomorrow's headlines:  men and women locked in the eternal struggle for power, governed by appetites they wrestle to control, and all told by a master storyteller.

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  1. Catherine Marshall of CHRISTY fame said of DAVID AND BATHSHEBA -- "It is the kind of reading experience hard to find these days - engrossing, enriching - so that you do not want the book to end."