Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lady of the Lamp

In honor of America's Independence Day, read Roberta's poem,
Lady of the Lamp
It was thoughtfully penned as she and her family left the American shores for the first time.  Let us not take for granted the GREAT blessings
that have come forth from this land.

To leave America is no small thing.
The golden cord that binds us to
her heart pulls taunt
As tug boats push us out to sea.
Her shore lines fade ...
The Jersey side miraged against the
sunset sky,
Manhattan, neon-spangled, etched
in indigo.
Then, there she stood.
The lady with her lamp held high
And by some trick of fate, the sun
Blazed from her green, brass bowl.
She whispered out across the
"Here, take my lamp ...
You'll need it in the dark to which
you go."

                                        - RKD


  1. More than a Lady with a Lamp for sure, what a brilliant poem!

  2. I like this monument. It looks gorgeous, as I think. One of the highest and the most interesting.

  3. Looks great. One of the most fascinating monuments in the whole world!