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David and Bathsheba
Who was Bathsheba? A sensuous woman who seduced King David inorder to become his queen? Or a gentle girl wed against her will to a crusty, insensitive military officer? A scheming adulteress or the pious mother of King Solomon through whose lineage we trace the birth of Jesus Christ?
Or was she all of these?

The Queen of Sheba
With The Queen of Sheba, Dorr completes her epic trilogy of the House of David. Here, as in David and Bathsheba and Solomon's Song, Dorr has woven historical and archaeological research with age-old legend to create a riveting tale of ancient plots and passions.

Rich in cultural details, warm and personal in narrative, this imaginative account will make the events surrounding the gospel story of Jesus fresh and newly relevant for today.


Set in Gaza, the account traces Dorr's growing relationship with Alice, a simple woman who has remarkable openness to God. For all those who believe that God still acts directly in the world and for those who wish they could so believe, Alice is a thought-provoking, faith stretching book that will reward careful and repeated reading.

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Solomon's Song
With Solomon's Song, the award winning novelist Roberta Kells Dorr continues the dramatic saga of the House of David. This is the story of Solomon, aspiring successor to the throne, and Shulamit, the woman who inspired the Song of Songs. Here, as in David and Bathsheba, Dorr brings the romance and color of the Bible and of early Israel to vivid life.

Abraham & Sarah: The Long Journey
A rare and intimate look into the lives of some of the Bible's most extraordinary and influential figures. Dorr explores the dreams, disappointments, and unquenchable faith of Abraham and Sarah, as well as chronicles the lives of others who joined their journey: beautiful Hagar, the princess of Pharaoh who became a handmaiden and mother of Ismael; Isaac, promised son whose life hangs in the balance during his father's most harrowing test of faith.

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