Welcome friends and fans of  Roberta Kells Dorr

Whether you are a veteran reader of Roberta's novels, or a new convert, all can agree that her books breathe new life into traditional biblical stories.

The characters and stories that Roberta researched and wrote on were very much alive in her mind and heart.  Her journey with words was a journey of storytelling and word crafting. Although Roberta is no longer living, it is our mission to insure that her writing will continue to touch readers for many years to come.

Check the blog regularly!  Here we will share posts discussing her books and poetry, as well as devotional material based on the biblical/historical characters she so passionately wrote about.
Occasionally you may even find articles on controversial questions from the biblical stories she researched.


  1. Please Make her Producta Available on Amazon.de For Germany, Austria Thank You !

  2. Am looking for a copy of Dorr's "Bathsheba" published in 1980.

  3. I just discovered this author last year! I read "Abraham and Sarah" and now own all of her others, having bought them from eBay! I love biblical fiction, and she is a wonderful author! Her style is so quiet, mysterious, and beautiful, just the way I love these kinds of books to be! I was saddened to learn that she has passed away. May God hold her in His tender care. Rest in peace, Roberta Kells Dorr...
    Kathryn M

  4. I am 77 a Muslim and I just read Bathsheba. I am greatly impressed by her writing. I am so sad to learn that Ms Dorr passed away in 2010.
    May she rest in heaven.